In Store Fixtures – Helping You Sell More

In today’s most sophisticated and savvy retailers the minds of shoppers are secretly being influenced by subtle design changes.  Many retail stores have found that by modifying store fixtures, they are able to provide a shopping experience unique for their particular brand or store. 

Store designers and architects are utilizing all types of  in-store fixtures to give the shoppers a positive feel and encourage the sale of products.

Some examples of store fixture ideas include:

  • Storage and display shelves – the color and material of the shelving can be adjusted based on the product presentation.  For example, wire shelving may not be suited for delicate items, where a bold colored wood, solid surface or laminate shelf could be ideal to set off the item’s beauty.
  • Counter tops – a smooth clean surface at the check out counter gives the shopper the feeling that their transaction will go easily and quickly.
  • Cabinets – for extra stock or assembly items, cabinets are needed – but the cabinets can still have a bright color that attracts the eyes around the areas.  For more expensive items like watches or jewelry, glass cabinetry is an ideal choice with sides and shelves in a complimentary color or rich wood and with a style that suits the products.
  • Ceiling – woods and laminates of many colors can be used as part of false ceilings to add even more ambiance and flare to the store

Shoppers love new and exciting experiences, and with the right store fixtures, you can bring out adventure, excitement, romance, or any other emotions for your products.

At Accurate Custom Cabinets our store fixture design experience can help your store be more successful than ever.

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