A promise to our clients


Our philosophy is to provide our clients with consistent performance, quality, and service.

Regardless of the complexity or intricate shapes or materials our clients specify, we provide them with consistent quality.

Within Budgets

If our clients submit a project with a specific budget, we stay within that budget.

We make sure that there are no surprises.

On time

If our clients must meet specific deadline dates, we make sure their projects complete before the deadline date.

We stay in frequent contact about the project status.

No Risk

There’s never any risk in dealing with us.

Our performance, quality, and service level remains constant from project to project, from client to client, from year to year.

 The Paul Steger Story

I have always enjoyed working with my hands…as a youth, my first major project was building a wooden bed with drawers underneath it, and so I could sleep in the basement. I had sole responsibility for the entire project—acquiring the materials & tools, cutting the materials, and building the bed. I did it all and…I did it all myself!

As I grew, I attended DuPage Technical School, now known as DAVEA (DuPage Area Vocational Education Association) in Addison, Illinois. We were trained in both cabinet-making and millwork. My father recommended that I move from carpentry to cabinet making. It was sound advice! It really fit who I was and what I was about! Cabinetmaking requires thoughtful planning, craftsmanship and attention to detail. In addition, the finished product is something I can see and “feel good” about!

I truly enjoyed the art of cabinet-making and I was very mindful of delivering a quality product. For me, this consisted (and still does today) of getting the size right, no chips in it, high quality, edges completed properly, not falling off, even gaps and even tolerances, and to see it—the finished project and then “tackling” the next one! As a matter of fact, I “took” to cabinetmaking so well that I quit my job in High School to take a pay cut in order to be a cabinetmaker and went to work for a cabinet shop owner, upon a recommendation by one of my teachers!

My first full-time position in the industry was with Hutchings Enterprises. I did it all, both wood and plastic laminate. We built a lot of Pharmacy cabinets, mostly 8’ checkouts and 4’checkouts…This was the first time that speed became a key part of the process for me. As in my childhood, I enjoyed seeing the finished project. It was so neat to see it all going together. Also, at work, I learned about competitive spirit. We’d all compete to see who could build the cabinets quicker and better…winning those competitions was so much fun for me! I learned to maintain the level of quality of my workmanship while improving “cycle time to completion” by planning my workflow upfront better e.g. while waiting for the glue to dry, I’d then cut the shelves. I was always working and didn’t stand around!

In 1980, I decided to enter the business full-time and eventually had a partner in the business with me. We actually started the business in my family’s garage….thank you, family!  Our first major job was with the Rosemont Horizon (now the Allstate Center) building vanity cabinets. Once we landed that job, we opened an office in Franklin Park. Since then, we have been in multiple locations. In 1988, we moved to our current home, 115 Fay St. in Addison, Illinois where we have almost12,000 square foot of space.

On an on-going basis, we emphasize to our teams the importance of following the proper procedures, completing their job while working smoothly with other team members, helping each other as we go. Following plans to build to the right size and to the right color, then loading it on the truck, getting it safely to the job-site, and, finally, providing a completed installation.

My vision for the business is for us to grow at a 10% rate per year while continuing to improve efficiencies via capital equipment and process improvements. We also want to be known for our work (besides plastic laminate), including wood, solid surfaces, corian, glass, metals, and other specialty materials, whatever the client wants.

My personal and business mottos are:

  • Do what we say and do it better
  • Consistency in everything we do
  • Exceed customer expectations



Professional Affiliations

In order to serve you better and to continue to provide you with the highest quality, most innovative solutions we are proud to be members of the following organizations.