Plastic Laminate Casework – Beautiful Durability

For the most versatility while having the latitude for beautiful design, plastic laminate casework and laminate countertops are a great solution for many types of applications where solid surface or wood just won’t do. 

Because plastic laminate can be molded or extruded uniformly into virtually any style or shape, architects can leverage many different designs for their casework.  The versatility of plastic laminate also provides a vast array of colors to compliment the design and scheme of the area.

There are many types of applications where plastic laminate casework should be on your consideration list:

  • Medical practices – the surface area can be sanitized repeatedly with almost no surface degradation at all.
  • Laboratories – in a lab environment there can be spills or mishaps on a regular basis.  The clean-up of plastic laminates is very easy, and the durability of the surface allows years and years of use.
  • Schools and libraries – books, papers, and other educational items can come in and out of plastic laminate casework structures without a concern for scratching because the surface is designed to resist most types of damage from routine use.  And when younger hands with pencils or crayons decide to get creative on the casework, the clean-up process is simple.

When designing casework, consider using the flexibility and versatility of plastic laminate for your project.  Not only will you have the ability to stretch your design limits, but also you will be creating a cost-effective, durable, long lasting project.

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