Architectural Casework – Creativity & Design

Architectural casework can be fabricated from a wide variety of materials such as wood, Corian™, metal and plastic laminate composites and can take the form of cabinets, work stations, desks and counter tops. With a virtually unlimited selection of colors and shapes architectural casework can transform work spaces from mundane to impressive. 

Unleash Your Creativity

Designers and architects, you can really unleash your creativity with architectural casework!  Designs can be curved or bent into a staggering array of shapes, and the surfaces we craft can come in custom patterns and colors to match or compliment any design you bring our way.

You can find architectural casework in many places such as schools, government buildings, libraries, laboratories, and even retail outlets and office buildings.  Because casework is so adaptable and useful for so many different applications, architects can leverage casework in almost any situation.

When looking for a reliable architectural casework company, consider their level of experience and what types of casework they have developed in the past.  Also find out about their willingness to work directly with architects and designers to insure the casework compliments the overall project.  Finally, you should carefully question them about quality levels and the materials of construction they are recommending. Higher quality materials, while more expensive up-front, provide the assurance your design will be solid and last for many years.

At Accurate Custom Cabinets the vast array of options we can bring to bear on your architectural casework make the design process fun and exciting for even the most practical projects.

Our casework experience and high quality blueprints keep your project on budget and on time. The fact that we will help you coordinate with all the trades is really just icing on the cake!

Call us today at 630-458-0460, or tell us more about your project and we’ll have one of our architectural casework specialists contact you to discuss your project needs in more detail.

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